Friday, September 5, 2008

Soul Mate and Blessed Infant: Appeared in Infuze Mag. June 2005

It doesn't happen too often, but once in a blue moon I write poems. The first was a poem, the second became a medieval style song, performed locally.

Soul Mate

I always knew you were there,

A companion almost too good to be real.

Someone who could do the impossible

And love me...

just the way I am.

I always prayed you were there,

the elusive soul-mate

only others seemed to find.

You fill my heart,

You touch my soul

Just knowing you exist...

I thank God for you,

again and again,

I thank God for you...

Blessed Infant

Blessed Infant rest your head
Sleep baby, sleep
Laying in a manger bed,

Sleep baby sleep.
A thousand stars may grace the skies,
but one shines brightest for you tonight.

Come so that we may have life,
Sleep baby, sleep.
Sleep baby, sleep.

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Anonymous said...

very cute writing.