Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Calling of Mike Malone to be Published by MuesItUp!

Yup, next summer, The Calling of Mike Malone comes out with Canadian based MuseItUp publishing. It will be presented first as a an e-book I am excited and thrilled!

Here's the start...

Somebody was watching Mike Malone, and it scared the hell out of him.
A tall man, he peered out over the crowds, scanning the people who hustled past. One arm rested on the roof of his car, and he paused, tensing over the familiar sensation that now struck as quick and chilling as the late autumn wind. Though this feeling of being watched often followed him, he knew it had to be ridiculous. Who on earth would spy on him? And why? But after brushing off an endless stream of strange incidents in his life—which now included glimpsing the future—Mike couldn't deny it. He needed help.

His father’s words whispered from a distant, childhood memory. “I’m so glad you are
happy son. Your life may take some strange turns, but I promise you’ll understand when you’re twenty-one. I promise.”

Mike gritted his teeth. Tomorrow he would be twenty-one. Dad, if you wanted to make dire claims over my life, you should have stayed alive long enough to explain them. Enough, I’m done. This ends today.

For more sample sections checkout Mike's fan page on Facebook.

The Calling of Mike Malone-Facebook


lynnmosher said...

Merry Merry! How awesome is that! I didn't know! Have you announced it and I missed it? I am so happy for you! May the Lord bless it! Woo-hoo!

M. L. Archer said...

Thank you, Lynn! Yes, I am thrilled! Mike has been waiting...heh-heh....